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Celebrities Love "Romance to the Rescue"

Comic Elayne Boosler with Dogman #2

John Stamos & America (the Band)

Kevin Nealon ("SNL") with Cherry

Bill A. Jones (Rod Remington from "Glee") with Pumpkin

NYT Bestselling Author Marshall Karp with Kylie

NYT Bestselling Author Marie Force with Brandy and Louie

NYT Bestselling Author Kathryn Shay with Hattie and Huxley

Bill Mumy ("Lost in Space") with Josie B.

NYT Bestselling Author Debra Holland with Oreo

NYT Bestselling Author Tanya Anne Crosby

Bestselling Author Glynnis Campbell with Kitten Kaboodle

NYT Bestselling Author Lauren Royal with Mocha Frappuccino

Jon Provost (Timmy from "Lassie") with Buddy

Bestselling Author Mary Campisi with Cooper

NYT Bestselling Author Cynthia Wright with Gracie

Award-Winning Author Eliza Knight with Lady Belle

NYT Bestselling Author Danelle Harmon with Marcus, Christian & Beverly

Writer/Comic Carol Leifer with Julius

Bestselling Author Laurin Wittig with Anna

NYT Bestselling Author Brenda Hiatt with Oodle and Brie

NYT Bestselling Author Lucinda Brant with Bella

Bestselling Author Sharon Ihle with Lucy

Bestselling Author Willa Blair with Cinnamon

Author Debby Conrad with Sophie, Tia, Pedro, Isabel & Hazel

Author Amy Jarecki with Maya

Bestselling Author Selena Laurence with Chester

Bestselling Author Deb Stover with Maggie May

Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque with Stormageddon & Boycat

NYT Bestseller Riley J. Ford with Big Boy

Author Josie Riviera with Henry

Comic Elayne Boosler with Dogman #1

Comic Elayne Boosler with Dogman #3

Comic Elayne Boosler with Dogman #4

Comic Elayne Boosler with Dogman #5

Comic Elayne Boosler with Dogman #6

Comic Elayne Boosler with Dogman #7